Freemium Service

Premium/Priority support for free products

This is a mix of Free+Premium = Freemium Service, which means i provide support for free of charge for any of your WordPress issues ,if your issue is related to the theme or plugin  or basic installation which is open source or free.

For example if you are using theme/plugin from repository and find difficulty in using them, you have approached WP forums but didn’t find the solution, then this is the correct place for you.

Please fill the fields which applies for you in here.This service is done kindheartedly keeping in mind that WP community becomes bigger, so please no spamming / bumping just for the sake of you.

Premium/Paid Services

  • Theme Customization
  • Plugin Customization
  • New Theme/Plugin Development
  • Bug Fixing

There are cases when you bought a theme for your site but find difficulty in setting up because of complexity of the theme or the theme comes with bunch of features which you may not know.

You may want new feature to incorporate in to the theme you bought without hacking the core files of theme.

You may want to have plugin be customized the way you need.

You may want entire new theme based on the design.

The above services provide all of the above mentioned with just a door step away.Just find the service and ping me.

Please fill the form here.

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