If my brain is Apache Server ….

If my brain is Apache Server , serving requests improperly which are not url friendly and hacky….

If it really is then i can easily manipulate given that my  mod_rewrite.c  is loaded and enabled properly which in a way saying i’m not mentally distorted or retarded.

Let’s jump in to manipulate some of the basic functions we do,

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>  
/* Confirm the world that i'm not retarded because of these doing things.
Psychiatrists does  things which normal people may not do , but it don't mean they are retarded */
RewriteEngine on

/* Let's tell the world , i'm a Psychiatrist with this name tag */ </IfModule>

 Who am I now ?

Hey , you are obviously a Psychiatrist – says End User

Let’s say if my mind is not doing what it must do and doing things like shoplifting  because of which i can’t get proper recognition in the society ( Search Engine Friendly ) and gets attracted by Gangsters , Mobsters to do bad things ( Security Holes ).

Since i’m a tagged Psychiatrist as RewriteEngine is on , why not setting some rules to my  brain.

RewriteRule Pattern Substitution Flag(s)
/* Now my brain is having a milk in a store (Substitution) but is paying for that instead of lifting (Pattern) with set of accepted currency (Flags) */

Well that’s not it , what if i need to buy  in a specific store , i also need to take care of that right …

RewriteCond Something_to_test Condition
/* Wow ! i have more control now */

Now i have lot more control over my brain to process requests , well that’s not it .

Find out more, just click the reference link.

Ref:  Apache rewrite