Flexbox : Smiling with eyes

We know that two of the greatest assets of girls that guys go crazy about are Eyes and Smile.

What if our girlfriend has both and mixes them up to a distinct asset , ha ! you guessed it . It’s called Smiling With Eyes , most dangerous(in a positive way)  and powerful weapon that even her girlfriends go hillio on that , there’s no point of  talking about guys against that.

Well let’s turn around to Web Technology where CSS is the one with a Pandora box of styling features alike girl’s assets. When we turn to structure our layouts , it was heck before CSS3 when we had to take care of floating and clear-fix.

With CSS3 just like our girlfriend greatest new asset , we have Flexbox , for starters , flexbox is a new layout model that smart calculates space and distributes/adapts to it.

Why Flexbox ?

Simple answer : It fixes layout problems just like that with flexible model layout.You no need to worry about space distribution.

Solved by Flexbox : A great article you might wanna take a look which showcases the problems that can be taken care of using flexbox.



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