Grab the page content by ID

Want to grab page content by using id of the page,then the following code stuffs you.
function spi_get_content_by_id($id) {
$data = get_page($id);
if ($data) {
return apply_filters('the_content', $data->post_content);
else return false;

This line makes sure that automatic paragraphing and nice curls are returned just like the editor content.
return apply_filters('the_content', $data->post_content);

If you want raw content,use the following piece of code
return $data->post_content;

Changing Pagination Text

/* Adding Filter to change previous link text */

/* Adding Filter to change next link text */

function spi_prev_text() {
$link_text = ‘« Prev’;
return $link_text;

function spi_next_text() {
$link_text = ‘Next »’;
return $link_text;