About Bravokeyl

I’m an independent consultant providing value to small scale businesses and startups using WordPress, React JS, React Native and AWS. I architect and create custom solutions helping to transform ideas to production with in-depth research involvement.

Currently, I’m an engineer at Mu Bit Private Limited

Focused (like a cross-hair) & Honest (like a processor)

Before starting to solve the problem, I try to get a focal point of that and train my brain and environment to just focus on that, it means that when I need to have apples now, I never look at oranges hello..ing( ? ) at me.

When we work together, you can rest assured have partnered with someone who has knows the chosen game. Someone who specializes in a specific field and does it well within the constraints adopted.

Quality (humanly possible code)

I just don’t solve problems just by writing some code for machines to interpret, instead I understand the client’s issue and interpret it in a human way then discuss the solution with them and finally come to a point where writing of code starts which can be easily understood by any other future contributor.

I don’t believe, the one who writes complex code is a better developer (unless you are doing code-golfing ⛳, there is no need to write a complex code), instead I think that developer needs to be educated not to do that.

Proven success rate (hit me on…)

I have worked with hundreds of clients throughout the world since 2011. Over 48.3% of the projects that I got are either from the repeated clients or their acquaintances.

That shows, how well I communicate, work and deliver the project while working with the client. I always receive extras for going an extra mile.

Pinch me on… (socially available 😛 for U)

Woah! wait! Why the hell would I pinch you?
Just saying you can if want to :).

Aside (bad.ra from the block)

Known as bravokeyl which is just a slug that identifies me online and I love that, but, my masked guid is bad.ra.