Unsplash: Stock Photos to Media Library Made Easy

You might have heard of this site Unsplash if you are either designer looking for ideas or a developer who wants to showcase their projects or a blogger who wants to use free photos for their blog posts.

Well now Unsplash WP makes easy to WP users to use their photos with just one click,no need to leave the admin dashboard, it brings photos to media library.Since Unsplash photo licensing allows you the freedom to copy, modify, distribute and use the photos without permission, you can use the images in your commercial endeavors, designs, blog posts, or anywhere on your site.

After installing the plugin you get a new Add Unsplash button beside Add Media button.Well, why are you waiting you then if you have read this much, go and try it once and you love it.

Try now Unsplash

Grab the page content by ID

Want to grab page content by using id of the page,then the following code stuffs you.
function spi_get_content_by_id($id) {
$data = get_page($id);
if ($data) {
return apply_filters('the_content', $data->post_content);
else return false;

This line makes sure that automatic paragraphing and nice curls are returned just like the editor content.
return apply_filters('the_content', $data->post_content);

If you want raw content,use the following piece of code
return $data->post_content;